Figliulo & Partners, Virgin Atlantic Want Travelers to See ‘The Bright Side of Brexit’

By Erik Oster 

Figliulo & Partners launched a new spot for Virgin Atlantic, attempting to use the declining pound as a selling point to attract visitors to London.

Entitled “The Bright Side of Brexit,” the 60-second spot opens by attributing the decline in the U.K.’s currency to a 31-year-low to the Brexit vote and informing viewers that this could be to their benefit, should they decide to visit London. It’s set in a pub, where a traveler learns that he can get fish and chips for two dollars less, four pints for the price of three and plenty of other bargains.

Of note: A bejeweled codpiece for only $89,000!

The campaign also includes digital spots, social media content and a Virgin Atlantic Brexit Calculator the agency created which shows how much money travelers will save on a trip to London thanks to the pound’s nosedive. It’s a bit dark if you think of the implications, but given the city’s notoriety for being too expensive, it does make some sense as a selling point to convince potential travelers that now is the time to finally book that London trip. And maybe finally pick up that bejeweled codpiece you’ve always had your eye on.