Airbnb’s CMO Wants to Know: Is #FawadKhan the Next Bill Grizack?

By Patrick Coffee 

UPDATE 2: Over the weekend, the founder and CEO of Queue reached out to say that Khan has never worked with that company. “We have no relationship or affiliation with him, either as an advisor or business partner,” he wrote, adding that Khan “pitched us two years ago” for the CMO position but “we decided not to move forward with him in any capacity.”


UPDATE: Khan is not, in fact, the next Grizack. He has already deleted Airbnb from his LinkedIn profile and changed his privacy settings.



Let’s say you’re the chief marketing officer for one of the hottest “disruptors” in the world. Everybody wants a piece of your time.

Some people might even claim to know you or—even better—work under you!

Case in point: this twitter post from Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall that went live last night.

Seems there might just be a bunch of professional bullshitters working in marketing. Who knew??

Khan seems to be making the rounds in San Francisco looking for work while claiming to be Mildenhall’s number two, and no one knows what to make of him.

We are now very interested. Check out the CV of this guy who (falsely) says he is VP of marketing at Airbnb:

fawad linkedin

Hmm…and these seem to be sweet endorsements from real people. So he can’t be completely fake, right?

fawad linkedin 2

In fact, a company called Green Charge announced in January that it had hired a Fawad Khan as VP of marketing. And the press release links back to—you guessed it—the same LinkedIn profile.

We reached out to Green Charge but did not get an immediate response. We also asked Khan himself (who just happens to share a name with Pakistan’s biggest film star) to connect on LinkedIn.

At the very least, this is further evidence that people continue to make shit up, even in a time when it’s almost impossible to get away with it.

We are already in love with this dude who probably didn’t graduate from Stanford.