FCB NY Partners with Pitch to Create Decks with Help from AI

By Kyle O'Brien 

Presentation software Pitch and creative agency FCB NY have partnered to create a pitch deck that uses AI to demonstrate that “if you can think it, you can pitch it.”

Everyone has big ideas, but getting started on them is often the hardest part—in fact, 92% of people who have a big business idea never turn it into reality. According to a Harris Poll, four in 10 say it’s because they didn’t know where or how to get it going.

Pitch and FCB NY have launched #ThinkItPitchIt, a control room of sorts to respond to people who share their ideas online with ready-made Pitch decks, which gets them one step closer to making their ideas happen.


The decks are being made by a team of copywriters, designers and art directors from across FCB NY, FCB Toronto and FCB Chicago, who are using Pitch’s AI Generator and hundreds of professionally designed templates to create these decks in real time, within a few hours.

Through social listening, Pitch has been keeping an eye out for compelling ideas people share online across Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok—including Ryan Reynolds.

  • From @VancityReynolds: “Did Dogpool save the day? Not a chance in gremlin hell. But she IS currently causing the Disney plushy merch department nightmares. Coming with the movie, Summer 2024.
  • Pitch response: “Ok, hear us out @VancityReynolds… We made a Pitch deck for Dogpool. It’s hard to imagine a studio saying no to this.”

A response to Ryan Reynolds from Pitch.

“’Think it, Pitch it,’ isn’t just about presentations, it’s about realizing the potential of every idea, and I think that’s the core of what Pitch stands for. It’s our way of tackling one of the biggest hurdles out there: getting started,” said James Jacoby, communications and social strategist, Pitch.

Jacoby added that it’s about bridging the gap between imagination and execution.

“By helping people get a jump-start on their wildest ideas in a fun way, we want to empower them to follow through with more of their creative endeavors. ‘Think it, Pitch it,’ is our way of saying that Pitch is more than just a presentation tool; it’s a creative partner that understands and supports your journey from the very first step,” stated Jacoby.

See below for a couple of other ideas that got the Pitch response.

Aside from helping these people get in front of real investors and brands to make their idea a reality, the campaign will help solve Pitch’s biggest challenge: getting people off their “Google and PPT” auto-pilot, and considering working off a new software that’s built to help them get started on their ideas.

“When Pitch asked us to help them relaunch their product in the U.S., we immediately knew that traditional advertising was not going to cut it. We needed to do a clever product demo to get Pitch into the hands of more people…And that got us thinking—the biggest idea generator of all is the internet. So, we decided to surprise and delight people who tweet out an amazing idea – with a Pitch deck to bring it to life,” said Ida Gronblom, executive creative director, FCB NY.