FCB Mayo, UTEC Create Air-Purifying Billboard

By Erik Oster 

Last year FCB Mayo (then Mayo Draftcb Peru) teamed up with The University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) in Lima, Peru, to create the world’s first water-generating billboard in the desert city. The innovative campaign generated a lot of buzz, and a lot of attention for UTEC. This year, FCB Mayo teamed up with UTEC again to create an air-purifying billboard, an answer to the construction boom in Peru.

The billboard, located at a construction site in Barranco, Peru, contains an air-purifying system, developed with Peruvian technology, capable of cleaning large volumes of air by removing dust, metal and stone particles that inevitably escape into the air during construction. The billboard cleans air to a level that is “apt for human respiration, according to international and national air quality standards,” with the cleaner air impacting within a file mile radius of the site, benefiting residents of the area as well as construction workers. Operating “by means of thermodynamic processes that occur in nature, such as pressure, vaccuum and decreasing temperature,” the machine is highly efficient, with energy consumption of 2.5Kw per hour.


“This billboard seeks to spark young people’s interest in engineering, said Jessica Rúas, director of promotion at UTEC. “It is closely aligned with the university’s mission of educating creative engineers who are sensitive to social needs and have extensive scientific knowledge that enables them to become researchers and find solutions to society’s problems.”

“Putting our own ingenuity into action gives us great satisfaction, because in addition to the creative challenge it presents, it enables us to raise awareness, inspire and innovate in our work as advertising professionals,” added Juan Donalisio, creative director at FCB Mayo. “UTEC is a client that constantly challenges us, because its approach is not traditional. The university represents change. Therefore, its advertising does as well, and that makes us think about what is nearly impossible to do, in order to do it.”

See the case study video above to learn more about the campaign, and stick around for credits after the jump.





Chief Creative Officer: Humberto Polar

Creative Director: Juan Donalisio

Copywriters: Rafael García/Renato Farfán

Art Director: Keni Mezarina

Account Director: Valeria Malone Lo Presti

Production Team: Geoffrey Yahya/Juan Pablo Ezeta/Rodrigo Tovar



General Manager: Gloria Herrera

Media Planners: Rafael Gutiérrez/Jessica Arizmendi



Managing Director: Carlos Heeren

Marketing Director: Jessica Rúas

Marketing Supervisor: Denise Dianderas


PLAN B (Case Study Video)

Design Director: Kurt Gastulo

Editor: Alex Ocaña



Audio Producers: Alonso Del Carpio/Willy Wong


ALL AWARDS (Case consultant)

Senior Consultant: Juan Christmann