Doner Takes on Youth Homelessness for Bellefaire JCB

By Erik Oster 

Today Doner launched an integrated campaign on behalf of Bellefaire JCB, “an innovative organization that provides exceptional care, education, and advocacy to enhance the emotional, physical and intellectual well-being of children, young adults and families” to raise youth homelessness awareness.

The centerpiece of that campaign is “Take A Closer Look,” a series of faceless figures set up across Greater Cleveland, each wearing a sweatshirt describing the reason for their homelessness as a way to communicate the message that homelessness is not a choice, and that young people are driven to homelessness by forces beyond their control. For example, one of the shirts reads “My dad kicked me out of the house because I’m gay,” while another says “My mother’s boyfriend hurts me.” A sticker on the floor in front of each figure further describes the situation and offers ways to help. The campaign also includes TV and radio PSAs, social media and print components. Stick around for credits after the jump.Credits:


Agency: Doner
Client: Bellefaire JCB
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Strasberg
VP Creative Director: Paul Forsyth
Associate Creative Director: Kevin Floyd
Associate Broadcast Producer: Greg Kort
SVP Brand Leader: Larry DeAngelis
Operations Director: Chad Cooper
Associate Project Manager:  Jillian Darby
VP Business Management Supervisor: Katherine Simmonds