Farmville 2 Crops Up ‘Anytime, Anyplace’ in New Spots from BLT

By Erik Oster 

BLT Communications, Hollywood has a new broadcast campaign for Zynga’s Farmville 2, entitled “Anytime is Farmville Time.”

The series of television spots all feature players enjoying Farmville 2 at different locations, with crops and animals from the game leaping to life off the screen and disturbing those around them. These range from the everyday — “Living Room” and “Office” — to “Spa” and “Airplane.” Each spot ends with the message that the game is “Available now, anytime, anywhere.”


“The challenge was to make it look as realistic as possible while staying true to the design and characters of the FarmVille game,” explained director Roderick Fenske. To achieve this, Fenske and his team used a combination of in-camera effects using models of the crops, and CG animation elements augmenting the scenes. “By blurring the worlds of CG and real practical effects, we’re keeping the audience guessing and hopefully amazed as to how we pulled it off,” said Fenske. Stick around for “Airplane” and credits after the jump.


Client: Zynga
Product: Farmville 2
Campaign: Anytime Is Farmville Time
Spots: “Spa” “Living Room” “Office” “Airplane”

Head of Marketing, Farmville Franchise: Tony Royce
Agency: BLT Communications, Hollywood
President of Marketing: Richard Sankey
President, Digital, Social and Mobile Services: Julianne Lamarche
Executive Creative Director: Alon Amir
Creative Director: Mike Eller
Executive Producer: Oscar Thomas

Director: Roderick Fenske
Production Company: Dapper
EP: David Lyons