Faris Yakob Explains Viewers’ Dwindling Attention Spans

By Patrick Coffee 

Faris Yakob, former ninja at McCann/MDC Partners and founder of Genius Steals, served as one of the featured speakers at PSFK’s New York festival back in April. The video of his speech first ran on the site today, and it’s a bit more…frantic than your average Ted Talk.

Got that?

Things we learned from the talk:

  • Naked and/or McCann co-workers liked to fill Faris’s personal fridge with beer
  • Most of his British friends are now parents who presumably don’t have time to attend industry events like this one
  • He recently got married and founded a consultancy with his wife

The point of the talk and the book he promoted within it seems to be that no one pays attention to anything anymore.


We assume he’s right, because we drifted off around the 1:30 mark when he started talking over a video of himself talking.