Fallon’s Tiny Monsters Represent/Offend “the Majority”

By Matt Van Hoven 

The Fallon ad you see above has been drudging up some sour mud across the Web. It seems that pretty much anyone who doesn’t make at least $100k feels like (as SuperSpy notes) The Ladders is sharting all over them and their measly salaries.

Hey The Ladders, stop with the pretension. Anyway, SuperSpy gave us her thoughts below, but we wanted to run a fancy poll to get some technical figures about how you feel. As always, comments are welcome too. Poll!


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The Tiny Monsters Are…
( surveys)

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Per e-mail: “I have worked in advertising as an account planner for awhile and I understand the communication message they are trying to convey; But as someone who does not rake in 100+K, this spot is truly demeaning and very snobbish.”

“In 2006 the US Census reports that only 5.6 percent of individual income earners made 100+, and I am positive with the current recession that number has not risen much in the past two years. So to run this spot during a very popular national football game with a huge national audience where an overwhelmingly majority does not make 100+K is truly asinine.”