Fallon’s Bad Day

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: We hear Mike Gibbs, long time creative and friend of Pat Fallon was also laid off.

Three of the top account people at Fallon Minneapolis unexpectedly resigned yesterday, a source tells AgencySpy. They include Alex Leikikh, Julie Mcbride and Kara Peterson &#151 personnel who handled some of Fallon’s top clients.


And on top of the resignations we’re also told there have been layoffs yesterday and today.

But what’s most interesting about the story is what the resignations might mean for Fallon. Once a creative centerpiece for the Saatchi network the agency is now looking like it’s headed to a bland future. Keep in mind all the packaged goods work Saatchi does &#151 and recall that General Mills is headquartered in Edina &#151 minutes from Fallon’s downtown Minneapolis spot.

As we stated, Leikikh, McBride and Peterson’s departures were unexpected. But it’s possible that they were looking into Fallon’s future and seeing the agency’s perception as a creativity leader taking a back seat to financial viability. Can you blame them?

These three ran some of the agency’s key accounts and new business wins, including Holiday Inn, Purina and Boston Market.

What this could mean is that the shop will seek fewer brave clients. They’ll hire folks who mimic that goal. They’ll make money. Well, once those layoffs are over.

An agency representative did not respond by the time this story was published.

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