At the CLIOS, Numbers Are Low

By Matt Van Hoven 

The ad folk we mentioned yesterday, the ones who flew to Vegas for the CLIOS, ran an update today about last night’s events. The news was grim (here it is in part).

“We had just assumed with the masses of Clio-goers it would be effortless to blend in and mingle. Another thing we didn’t count on, though, is the turnout. There simply aren’t that many people here. Is this a sign of the economy? Many people we talked to last night mentioned agencies simply don’t have the spare cash right now to send people to an awards show. Or if they do, they can’t justify the spending. Last night’s awards ceremony confirmed this, with many awards going unaccepted. This seems to reinforce one of our decisions to go on this trip: lack of funds.”


Makes you wonder how the Cannes turnout will be. Probably better, but worse all at once. That’s why we’re going to Wrath of Cannes instead.

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