Facebook Blows You (Expensive) Kisses At Advertising Week

By SuperSpy 

In case you didn’t know, Advertising Week this year is going to be hosting a the Leadership Conversation, as well as a panel on social media paid for by sponsor Facebook.

You know how these conferences (or should we call them conventions) go – it’s pay to play. Still, it’s nice to see Facebook getting friendly with the industry. See? Google? This how you do it. Spend money on us. Lots of money.


Erin Zeitler of OutCast Communications for Facebook was nice enough to take time out to shed a little light why the SNS is involved this year and their two panels came to be.

1. I’m wondering why the company has decided to participate in this year’s Advertising Week?

Facebook is participating in Advertising Week in an effort to bring engaging and informative speakers to a forum that will inspire marketers to try innovative approaches to social media. The Facebook Spark Series is intended to address the impact of social media on marketing efforts and offers high caliber panelists who can address this issue.

2. And what, does your program include?

On Monday the 22nd at 2 p.m., Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg will join industry leaders in the Advertising Week Leadership Conversation. Then grab your coffee each morning at 9 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the Facebook Spark Series— a 3-part series of the impact of social media on marketing sponsored by Facebook. These panels will highlight the successes and challenges that marketers face as they implement social media into their marketing strategies to reach consumers in new and innovative ways.

Ed. Note – It’s a three part series with marketers and non-profits who have used social media to great success.

3. Did the Facebook staff choose the participants on the panel (moderator Nick Parish of Creativity; Rei Inamoto, AKQA; Richard Ting, R/GA and Rick Webb, Barbarian Group) or was that done by the Advertising Week staff?

The Advertising Leadership Conversation panel was put together by Advertising Week who invited Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg to participate as one of the panelists. Facebook, along with Advertising Week put together the Facebook Spark Series panels.

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