Even Frito-Lay Employees Freaked Out About GS&P’s Gay Doritos

By Patrick Coffee 

In case Pope Francis’s arrival in the United States made you think for a brief moment that we live in an agreeable, harmonious society filled with people who only want each other to live happy and satisfying lives, here’s a reminder that you’re totally wrong.

GS&P recently created a bag of rainbow-colored chips for client Doritos in partnership with the gay advocacy group It Gets Better, and certain parties just COULD NOT DEAL because they have no more productive way to spend their limited time on this planet. It’s rare for Adweek to attract real trolls, but this post somehow did–and it didn’t even include the words “Kim Davis.”

As the fat, sweaty fingers writing right-wing gossip blog Breitbart put it, “Doritos Aligns with Anti-Christian Bully Dan Savage.” From that post:


“The rainbow color of the Dorito chips represent the LGBT rainbow flag, a symbol now widely seen as one of anti-Christian hate and bigotry.”

What a smart take!

But the anger didn’t end there, of course.

Yesterday AdFreak noted that Mike Melgaard, the dude who won headlines for “trolling” the haters by posing as a Target rep, has been doing the same for Doritos. The “I will never eat Doritos again” comments are truly better than anything we’ve ever seen on our blog.

As our headline implies, the company’s own employees found a way to express their disapproval. A source tells us that some workers at a Frito-Lay plant in Texas recently refused to work on the line producing these super-gay chips because the fact that many Americans believe in a magical anti-gay sky man now precludes them from actually doing their fucking jobs.

Who said advertising doesn’t matter?