Euro Rapp’s Cannes Plans

By Matt Van Hoven 

We reached out to a number of agencies yesterday regarding their plans for this year’s Cannes Lions festival. Our aim: to share with you how many people from each agency will be attending, how much work has been entered (or will be) and the differences between this year and years past.

Most of the replies we’ve received have been very similar, and though we’re well aware we may be getting spun, we wanted to share what we learned. So, here’s the what what on Rapp.

Matt: Times = tough. Who’s going?

Rapp: Yes attendance i believe is really down this year.
Even many agencies from Paris aren’t sending people and Cannes is only a train ride away. Many agencies have a policy this year of “no prize, no trip”. If agencies do go, it will be on a smaller scale.

So, who gets to go?

Rapp: From London were [sic] sending a couple of teams as a prize for the great work they have done, and they have to compile a review of it all for the agency and bring back their learnings.

Matt: The work?

Rapp: As for entries. I think generally people are being far more selective, and not blanket bombing as many used to do. Certainly I think everyone is entering but just less and more targetted [sic].

Winning predictions?

Rapp: As for what will win, no idea. Hard to guess at the best of times, even more so this year. I think the “wrath of Cannes” will be very well attended!!! I bet every big city will have one.

Rapp is one of very few agencies that have gotten back to me on this matter. I will post others as the day goes on, but if I didn’t reach out to you and you would like to share your Cannes plans, e-mail agencyspy at mediabistro dot com.

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