Deutsch Head of Production Out, We’re Told

By Matt Van Hoven 

Deutsch New York is down at least one head of production, the man known simply as Jim Frame, sources tell AgencySpy. The EVP director of broadcast production at Deutsch was let go recently, we’re hearing, as part of a series of quiet layoffs the company is performing.

But what could Frame and company’s departures mean? Some have suggested that the shop is losing &#151 or has lost &#151 the Tylenol account, though that is yet to be confirmed. Don’t worry, our spies are on it (note: an agency representative tells us they have not lost the account, but when pressed for details did not respond).


We’ve determined that the layoffs are happening in stages and there may be more to come. But why would the agency wait, instead of doing it all at once? Those close to the matter tell us Deutsch is in on a number of pitches at the moment and a win could save those who may be next in line.

One thing is certain &#151 the agency and its employees have been more than quiet about the matter.

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