Erwin Penland Reminds You That Denny’s Has Been Serving All-Day Breakfast ‘Since, Like, Forever’

By Erik Oster 

With McDonald’s now offering its well-advertised all-day breakfast, Erwin Penland launched a new campaign for Denny’s reminding viewers that “America’s Diner” has always served breakfast items whenever you want them.

The agency addresses the issue fairly directly in “Since, Like, Forever,” with the voiceover opening by stating, “There’s been a lot of talk about all-day breakfast recently.” Over footage of eggs, hash browns, pancakes, bacon and eggs cooking he adds that the chain likes all-day breakfast which is why they’ve been serving it “since, like, forever.” It’s a not-so-subtle jab at McDonald’s self-congratulatory rollout of its all-day breakfast offering, reminding viewers that Denny’s was ahead of the game in that area. Another spot, “Proud,” similarly pokes fun at how “There are places proud to serve biscuits and muffins all day,” while Denny’s serves a wider assortment of breakfast foods 24 hours a day. Two other 15-second spots, “Simple” and “Quality” highlight different, self-explanatory aspects of the diner chain. The four spots will air in rotation on national broadcast, as well as being featured on Denny’s social media channels.

“With all the recent talk surrounding all-day breakfast offerings, we wanted to simply serve up a reminder that Denny’s is the originator of all-day breakfast,” Denny’s senior vice president, chief marketing officer John Dillon told Marketing Daily. “Whether it’s breakfast for dinner, omelets for lunch or late-night burgers, our menu has always catered to the needs of our guests around the clock.”

“While we know brands can react quickly and easily in social media, being timely with a message is equally important in all mediums, from print to broadcast,” added Erwin Penland chief creative officer Con Williamson. “Denny’s had something important to say — and a brand message to convey — on the topic of all-day breakfast, and they made it come to life in a way that is both timely and relevant, with little lag from conversation to execution.”