Enfatico Continues To “Reinvent The Agency.” Sure. Whatever You Say.

By SuperSpy 

“Seems like lots of people are getting promoted and taking on really fucktard titles like.. ” That’s a George Parker quote and the “fucktards” he’s mentioning are the newest members of the Enfatico team.

Jeffrey Wilks (who surely isn’t a “fucktard”) was previously president of Enfatico’s Business Solutions Group, has become COO. Harish Vasudevan, who was regional COO for Enfatico’s evolution from Project DaVinci, is now managing director for the Asia-Pacific region.

Enfatico also gets its first global creative director in Dave Schafer, a former cd at little know shop RTCRM in Washington, D.C.


Liz Deutch, formerly of Draftfcb, has been named the Chief Value Architect for Small Business.

Jennifer Kuratek Seidel is now the new chief value architect for consumer. She was a senior account director at BBDO in New York. Wait a minute. What does this title fricking mean? Anyone? Are these two women, like, the ombudsmans of Enfatico? Oh no. We see. That’s a fancy way of saying: “directs global strategy and manages integrated
campaign development ”

Torrence Boone, CEO said:

“Enfatico is reinventing the client-agency model, delivering global strategic and operational excellence across all communications disciplines.”

Just a note: just because you make up some new, obscure title does not mean you are reinventing the agency.

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