Avenue A Is Out. Razorfish Remains.

By SuperSpy 

Is the sky falling? Apparently, it is my friends. Avenue A/Razorfish is now just, um, Razorfish. From Adweek:

“Both brands represented innovation and speed to market, and they still do so today,” Razorfish CEO Clark Kokich. “Nevertheless, we are making it easier to do business with us by using a single name.”

Interesting that it was the “Avenue A” part of the business that left the stage considering that the shop bought Razorfish. Yes, Razorfish is the stronger brand, but don’t you feel a little side for the “A”?

Someone else is also getting a name change. Sydney-based digital agency Amnesia, which was acquired two years ago by Avenue A/Razorfish, will now be known as Amnesia Razorfish. Thank heavens they no longer need to add the Avenue A. Then what? It would have been Amnesia Avenue A/Razorfish? That would have been a kiss of death.

Razorfish also promoted four staffers: Craig Batty, vice president, previously client partner; Marisa Gallagher, vice president of user experience, formerly director of user experience; Peter Guagenti, vice president, formerly client partner; and Alyson Hyder, vice president of digital marketing, previously director of digital marketing. Congrats to all.

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