E/LA and Obsidian Entertainment Have Been Watching Too Much ‘Stranger Things’

By Patrick Coffee 

Back in the day, circa 1989, our friend’s older sister walked in on us playing Dungeons & Dragons and then ran to tell her mom, saying — and we quote word for word here — “Ma! They’re playing the devil’s game!!” (She lives in South Carolina and goes to church a lot. You get it.)

Fun times for all from an era when you had to draw pictures of your characters and their gear instead of just checking out the awesome graphics on Fallout 3 or whatever the hot RPG is right now. We are now recalling our massive bag of colored pencils and feeling nostalgic…

Los Angeles agency E/LA and client Obsidian Entertainment get in that same Way Back Machine for a new campaign promoting the latter’s Pathfinder Adventures mobile game with a spot that resembles some scenes in the Netflix show Stranger Things.

Agency and client go all-in as the press release begins: “The 80s called. They want their campaign back.” It continues, “this campaign invites viewers on a journey back to a simpler time and place—your parent’s living room.” And there are some very nice details here for 80s kids.


ECD Carlos Musquez writes, “It’s fun to look back to look forward. We felt there was something so intriguing about launching an iPhone/Android version of a game inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, which debuted at a time when the 80s brick phone was the hottest tech in town.”

The video spot will run in :30 and :15 versions (which were shot in 4:3 aspect ratio, of course), as YouTube pre-rolls and Facebook/Instagram posts.

E/LA partner and VP Pakko De La Torre-Rocha (a veteran of Deutsch, TBWA, Saatchi and pretty much every other creative shop in L.A.) ended his pitch“We are going to play Atari 2600 at my house and you’re invited hermano.”

Dude, if only you lived in Brooklyn.



CEO/CCO: Andre Filip
ECD: Carlos Musquez
Partner, Vice President: Pakko De La Torre
SVP, Managing Director: Heather Eichele
Director of Photography: Bobby Vu
Senior Copywriter: Ryan Simonson

Art Director: Liz Chy

Obsidian Entertainment

Senior Brand Manager: Steven Na
Community Manager: Mikey Dowling