Droga5 Claims Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Is ‘Mastered from Chaos’

By Erik Oster 

Droga5 launched a new campaign for Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège, telling the story of how the cognac is “Mastered from Chaos,” with a remarkably consistent product created despite the myriad variables in its creation.

The campaign is built around an interactive web experience at a campaign landing site, which you can check out for yourself for the full experience. The interactive web experience employed some complex tech in its creation, including LiDAR and 3D Kinect scanning, along with plenty of CG effects. 

There’s also a 60-second online spot telling the same story. The spot opens with the admission that the process isn’t chaotic at all, as it’s the well-controlled variables, of course, which lead to the product’s consistency. “To the untrained, it appears as chaos,” begins the voiceover, over quick, stylized cuts of a grape arbor through the seasons. “But here there is only mastery,” it continues, celebrating the brand’s long heritage and the product’s complex sophistication before arriving at the “Never stop. Never settle.” tagline.

The online spot and interactive experience “are directly related, complementary and were developed in tandem,” Droga5 executive interactive producer Justin Durazzo told Adweek. “All of the film content also lives on the site in some way. The site is a longer format, interactive version of the same story we’re telling in the :60, only it allows people to stop and further explore, play with things and get immediate tactile feedback for each ‘chapter’ in the Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilége production process.”

The campaign was designed as a more premium chapter of Hennessy’s “Never stop. Never settle” campaign. It’s about mastery and the infinite variables that the experts at Hennessy overcome each year to create a cognac that’s completely harmonious and consistent,” added Droga5 copywriter Phil Hadad and art director Marybeth Ledesma.


Client Moët Hennessy USA
Product Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège
Campaign “Harmony. Mastered From Chaos”
URL: MasteredFromChaos.com
Launch Date June 30th, 2016
Agency Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman David Droga
Chief Creative Officer Ted Royer
Creative Partner Duncan Marshall
Group Creative Director Nick Klinkert
Copywriter Phil Hadad
Art Director Marybeth Ledesma
Executive Design Director Rob Trostle
Associate Design Director Mark Yoon
UX Director Daniel Perlin
Chief Creation Officer Sally-Ann Dale
Head of Interactive Production Niklas Lindstrom
Executive Broadcast Producer Jesse Brihn
Executive Broadcast Producer Ruben Mercadal
Executive Interactive Producer Justin Durazzo
Interactive Producer Ian Graetzer
Interactive Producer Morgan Mendel
Integrated Production Business Manager Grant Thompson
Director of Integrated Production Business Affairs Dianne Richter
Head of Art Production Cliff Lewis
Executive Art Producer Julia Menassa
Print Producer James DePrima
Senior Retoucher John Ciambriello
Global Chief Strategy Officer Jonny Bauer
Group Strategy Director Aaron Wiggan
Strategy Director Elaine Purcell
Strategy Director Danielle Travers
Senior Communications Strategist Delphine McKinley
Senior Data Strategist Brad Mumbrue
Executive Group Director Steven Panariello
Account Director Kendra Schaaf
Account Manager Andrew DeMatos
Associate Account Manager Rebecca Warren
Project Manager Dean Farella
Client Mo ë t Hennessy USA
CMO & EVP of Brands, USA Rodney Williams
SVP, Hennessy, USA Giles Woodyer
SVP, Strategic Marketing, USA William Paretti
Brand Director, USA Richard McLeod
Global CMO, Hennessy Thomas Moradpour
Global Marketing Director, Hennessy VSOP Violaine Basse
Broadcast Production Company Tool of North America
Director/Interactive Director Ben Tricklebank
Director of Photography Justin Gurnari
Managing Partners Oliver Fuselier, Dustin Callif
Executive Producer Sarah DiLeo
Line Producer Kelly Christensen
Interactive Production Company Active Theory
Creative Director Andy Thelander
Technical Director Michael Anthony
Executive Producer Nick Mountford
Producer Annie Chen
Editorial Rock Paper Scissors
Editor Jamie Foord
Assistant Editor Jay McConville
Executive Producer Eve Kornblum
Head of Production Justin Kumpata
Producer Lisa Barnable
3D Scanning Company SCANable
CEO & Founder Travis Reinke
Post Production Blacksmith
VFX Supervisor Tom Bussell
CG Lead Artist Tom Bussell
CG FX Mike Dunkley
2D Lead Artists Iwan Zwarts, Daniel Morris
2D Artists Nick Tanner, Dan DiFelice
Executive Producer Charlotte Arnold
Producer Bomyee Hwang
FILM: Music and Sound Design Plan8
Executive Producer Tor Castensson, Calle Stenqvist
Creative Director Oscar Tillman
Composer Bali Harko
Composer / Sound Designer Karl-Johan Rasmark
INTERACTIVE: Music and Sound Design Plan8
Executive Producer Tor Castensson, Calle Stenqvist
Creative Director Oscar Tillman
Audio Developer Andreas Jeppsson
Lead Developer Rikard Lindstrom
Composer Bali Harko
Composer / Sound Designer Karl-Johan Rasmark
Mix Heard City
Mixers Phil Loeb, Dan Flosdorf
Executive Producer Sasha Awn
Producer Talia Rodgers