Driving That Train

By Matt Van Hoven 

AdScam shared with the world news that former Enfatico fan Casey Jones now has a new and improved, well, blog? He’s started a new company, you see, after the fall from grace with Dell.

The thing is called Jones&Bonevac, and for now it’s just a blog (full sit coming soon!). So naturally we e-mailed the contact us address, only to get a FAIL message. C’mon guys, we just wanted to ask if Casey is still working for WPP, as one of our spies suggests. Since we have no other way to get in touch, this open forum will have to do. E-mail me Casey, agencyspy at mediabistro dot com. Carrier pigeons? Phone: 212.547.7935. What’s the deal?

Update: Earlier today we asked Sir Martin Sorrell if Casey Jones is working for him. He said, “No.”

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