A Note About Job Changes and Greg Kaplan Moves to Digitas

By Matt Van Hoven 

One of you reached out to us about Greg Kaplan, a GCD at MRM who worked on the MasterCard account. Kaplan left the agency recently for a gig at Digitas, that is apparently a “nice opportunity” for him. We still haven’t heard WTF that means.

We’ve been a little shy about job change news at this level. And though we do cover it from time to time, mostly the “so and so moved here” tips have stopped coming in. So, thanks to whoever sent this one (which we confirmed with MRM), and please send us your people news.


But let’s be honest: many times stories about specific folks end up turning into a “this guy sucks” fest. So, before anyone takes that road, check out our commenting policy. Please, share your thoughts on this and other news, but keep the simple rules in mind.

Update: Greg starts on Monday, July 20th and will be on Samsung. He’s a vp, creative in the NY office.


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