DraftFCH Singapore: Where all the Pimps and Hos at (Yo)!

By Matt Van Hoven 

Hey ad-world. We came to work this a.m. to find a link waiting for us on our desktop, and here’s where it led. DraftFCB Singapore dressed up like pimps and hos, and ran through a mall in the name of building camaraderie.

We agree with out tipster, who writes, “I don’t even know what to say with this.”


Maybe we’re just feeling lazy ‘cuz our thumbs are still throbbing from laying two coats of paint on the new apartment last night (til 5 a.m. &#151 damn we’re tired), but something about this story feels tots wrong.

From the original story: “We did this for a laugh and also to build a better relationship between staff and team members. It was fun. When you have daily work pressures and deadlines to meet, it is nice to do something really different and daring, sometimes,” said someone. Take it away, George!


See more ridiculous pics after the jump.

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