WSJ Picks McGarry Bowen

By SuperSpy 

McGarry Bowen beat out Publicis, Deutsch, Mullen and Trahan Burden & Charles for the WSJ account. The paper is technically, expanding their relationship with the agency. The shop will be in charge of creative campaigns for the brand and all of its properties including that horrible new Wall Street Journal magazine.

In other McGarry Bowen news, the shop lost Lyle Tick, a group managing director, who had been in charge of some big accounts including Reebok, Brahma beer and Verizon to Gotham. They also lost out on Philly Cream Cheese, which Nitro took home.

My question is – when is Reebok going to leave McGarry Bowen behind? The brand’s new plan to make fitness fun for women is ridiculous. Where are the planners? That “Run Easy” campaign was total bunk. Sigh.

Reebok is owned by Adidas. I don’t understand how Adidas can kick so much ass, while Reebok slumbers through the consumer market. Oh, well perhaps it’s because of CEO Richard Prenderville (who we hear is difficult). Or, maybe it’s because of the advertising agency. I’m guessing it’s a whole lot of both.

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