Draftfcb LA Continues Full-Court Press for Nabi

By Jordan Teicher 

Just two weeks ago, we were covering the first wave of Nabi spots from Draftfcb, a pair of 30-second ads that favorably compared kid-friendly Nabi tablets to Kindle devices a la Microsoft vs. Apple. Our Erik Oster found them to be informational and appealing. However, these two new spots, “Fear Not Question” and “Swagger,” drop the comparison technique for an unconvincing plea for Nabi to be a lifestyle brand.

“Fear No Question” presents the Nabi brand as classroom-friendly, going right after a parent’s sense of idealistic learning, so in turn, that parent will go right for his/her wallet. It’s a boring and safe play that may have worked out if Draftfcb hadn’t already launched the Kindle attacks that are much more memorable.


“Swagger” goes straight after the kids. Promoting Nabi headphones – think Beats for kids – the spot shows a little kid walking down a school hallway in slow-motion as he gives headnods to his friends and long stares to the girl he probably has a crush on. This is more Fubu than Fuhu. This is also just a bad commercial, corny and overdone, even for a children’s market. The tagline of “Everyone Needs a Theme Song” actually has a nice ring to it, but the visual execution is too silly. The clip almost plays like a mocking comedy skit of itself.

At 30 seconds, both ads are easy to watch and easy to forget. “Swagger” and credits after the jump.

Eric Springer – Chief Creative Officer

Rahul Roy – Managing Director

Michael Bryce – Executive Creative Director

Adam Nowak –  Creative Director/Copywriter

Chris Rodriguez – Senior Art Director

Thomas Anderson – VP, Executive Producer

Leila Cesario – VP, Management Director

Jennifer Levin – Account Executive

Paula Rounds – VP, Senior Business Manager

Shera Rabinowitz – Senior Talent Manager



Robb Fujioka – President

Lisa Lee – Director of Marketing

Dan Miyahara – Creative Director

Linda Choi – Marketing Manager

Joe Estillore – Production Manager



Tom Routson – Director

Executive Producer – Oliver Fuselier

Executive Producer – Danielle Peretz

Producer – Nadine Brown



Erin Nordstrom- Editor

Therese Hunsberger – Executive Producer, Managing Director

Kaitlin Zaumseil – Assistant Editor



Claus Hansen – Creative Director & Sr Flame Artist

Robert Owens – Executive Producer

Paula S. Jiménez – Producer



Dave Hussey – Colorist

Denise Brown – Executive Producer



Jessica Locke – Executive Producer

Sam Casas – Engineer

Tom Paolantonio- Assistant Engineer