Campfire, Infiniti Release Interactive ‘Deja View’ Spot

By Erik Oster 

Today, Infiniti and Campfire have released what they’re calling “a ground-breaking responsive film that dynamically adapts to each viewer, depending on their spoken interactions with the onscreen characters.” In other words, an interactive video advertisement that asks for your phone number so it can “call you.” Supposedly there is an infinite variety of outcomes based on user interaction, but realistically this means they’ve programmed in a set number of responses.

“Deja View” tells the story of “a couple driving in their Infiniti Q50, unsure of who and where they are and whom to trust.” Directed by Phillip Van, the spot stars Charlotte Sullivan (of Rookie Blue and The Kennedys) and Andrew Pastides (Hank and Asha). Campfire tries pretty hard to make this seem like a short film and not a commercial spot. It has a pretty standard film-noir type mystery feel (the trailer even has X-Files-sounding music), without much to set it apart aside from the interactive schtick. It’s a campaign that tries very hard to be clever and cutting edge, but I’m not sure how well it will help sell the new Infiniti. And isn’t that the whole point? Plus it depends on people volunteering personal information to fully experience the ad, perhaps not the best strategy.


You can check out “Deja View” here. Let us know what you think in the comments section.