Doritos’ Lets You in on the Fun

By Matt Van Hoven 

Note to Doritos: Please don’t make attractive young women lick gross Doritos stuff off old guys’ fingers in future commercials.

A new Web site for Doritos called crashthesuperbowl dot com hosts user generated “spots” for the cheesy snack chips. The one we’ve posted above is called, “Macho Sexy Yum Yum” gives a behind the scenes look at what happens during the creative process.

Allow us to break it down; an old white guy and a George Parker lookalike ride the subway and oogle a young woman while rapping “Macho, sexy. Yum yum.”

Then, in a bizarre twist, the girl licks the Doritos finger cheese off the oldish guy’s hand. Say what? It’s like porn, but for Doritos.

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