AgencySpy Party #2, Pants Not Required

By Matt Van Hoven 

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Our last party went so well that we’ve decided to host another. But this time, it will be held at super-cool drinkery, “The Hill” (not to be confused with, “The Hills”; but don’t worry, we made that unfortunate mistake too).

Here’s a little poem we wrote to sum up some of our feelings.


There once was a blog named AgencySpy, whose writers wrote stories that were true yet sly. And as they went on, their audience did grow, so big did they become that even BBDO said, “Whoa!”

At each day’s end, when the stories were written, for the sources and tipsters the writers grew increasingly smitten. But alas, oh no!, the Eds had no way to show them, “We love you, we need you, to you we are betrothen”.

We couldn’t think of an ending, and we’re pretty sure ‘betrothen’ isn’t a word, but we think this poem is pretty sweet. So please come join us next Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Hill (416 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10016). Check out the map for a handy-dandy visual aid.

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