DiMassimo Goldstein Elevates Lesley Bielby to Sole CEO

By Kyle O'Brien 

DiMassimo Goldstein (DiGo), which calls itself the Positive Behavior Change Agency, has named strategy veteran Lesley Bielby, its longtime chief strategy officer of the agency, its new chief executive officer.

Former DiGo CEO Lee Goldstein has re-assumed his prior post as president and remains a partner and board member of the agency he’s helped to lead and build for more than two decades. Agency founder Mark DiMassimo, also a former DiGo CEO, remains chairman and creative chief. This boost in leadership follows growth in 2022 fueled by this leadership team.

“Over the years it has always been a pleasure to work with Mark and Lee. Our combined synergy and dedication to working with brands that change lives for the better has been at the core of everything we do,” said Bielby in a statement.


Bielby went on to say that in 2023, the agency is ready to help clients with the new challenges and opportunities ahead of them in a softer economy, where brand and performance marketing need to work in tandem for success in the short and long term.

Bielby is a boomerang DiGo employee, returning to the New York agency in 2021 for her third tour as co-CEO. Bielby came back to the agency after a second stint at Hill Holliday as chief strategy officer.

“Since Lesley rejoined the team, there was never a doubt in my mind that she would lead with the utmost vision and diligence and consistently accomplish outstanding feats,” said Goldstein in a statement.

DiGo has experienced a period of strong growth, adding to a client list of 21 companies, including Echelon Fitness, PenFed Federal Credit Union, Partnership to End Addiction, Triad Behavioral Health, Samsung, The Great Courses and Spear Physical Therapy.

The agency also enriched its Positive Behavior Change Science Advisory Board, launched its Positivity Index and solidified its formal partnership with MarketTheory AI, a company founded on a mission to restore the focus of analytics around the larger drivers of business growth.

“Through our partnership with DiGo, MarketTheory AI delivers insights that bring us closer to understanding precisely what consumers are looking for from brands. Part of that is understanding the sort of change that brands can enable to help meet our individual, unique needs,” said Kent Bhupathi, co-founder of MarketTheory AI in a statement.