Digitas Refreshes its Brand Identity

By Kyle O'Brien 

Digitas has a new look that includes a sleek makeover of its unicorn logo. The brand refresh includes a new typeface and a redesigned website.

Digitas decided to refresh its brand after it sharpened its strategic positioning and offering of “media-fueled creativity” in 2020, according to Digitas’ head of design, Nathalie Huni.


“We still needed to visually signal our evolution to the world. Our new brand identity reflects our ethos of embracing change with open arms. This vibrant spirit fuels our work, our culture and our people,” Huni told Adweek.

Huni explained that the new brand identity was inspired by the agency’s core values: being open, bold and curious.

“It was critical to approach the work with this guiding philosophy in mind, while reimagining how we act, speak, look and feel,” Huni said.

The agency freed its classic unicorn from its bubble and re-drew it with simplified geometry, creating a collection of shapes that combine to create a more open unicorn mark.

“Our custom wordmark is now all-caps and stands bold, with a streamlined and aerodynamic design. Vibrant new colorways blend and fuse into each other, electric and curious. Together our new design system is a perfect first iteration of a brand that embraces our modern, ever evolving age,” Huni said.

Huni also explained her concept of “designing for joy,” which is how the agency designs through emotion.

“We believe that people choose to Marie Kondo their experiences—meaning, if they don’t spark joy, they politely thank them and send them off. At Digitas, we design for joy because human beings are by nature highly emotional creatures. We design experiences that make us feel something special.”

Huni went on to say that joy manifests as the rhythm that guides the user experience on Digitas’ new website, keeping viewers engaged and teasing them with moments of playful discovery, “or breaking the monotony on long vertical scrolls with coded content that flows beautifully.”

At the core, she says, designing for joy is the celebration of craft—writing, designing, coding, art direction, all coming together to ignite a spark of emotion.

“Our ultimate goal is to orchestrate experiences around our brand that will not only get noticed, but give people a feeling of belonging and desire to join us,” concluded Huni.