Digital Domain Can’t Hide P-Funk Admiration Any Longer

By Kiran Aditham 

The trio you see from l-r above are Ed Ulbrich, Tanya Cohen and Alejandro Lopez, the three stewards behind a new production company called Mothership, which will serve as the sister facility to notable Oscar-winning VFX shop Digital Domain.

“Transmedia” seems to be the operative word to describe Mothership’s creative focus as the shop will develop such type of content for agencies and brands. In a statement, executive creative director Lopez, who worked at Leo Burnett and founded Tokyo boutique (Suit)men Entertainment, describes what the term actually means. “Transmedia offers brands the opportunity to integrate directly with entertainment properties instead of standing alongside them. The key is, these brand experiences must enhance entertainment value. Mothership has brought great talents on board who can create the kinds of digital properties that will capture and entertain new audiences–extending both the original entertainment property and the brand.”

Some of the talent Lopez alludes to includes two handfuls of directors, designers and artists ranging from Robert Hales and Sil Van Der Woerd to Pierre Michel and Happycamper. Meanwhile, The Institute alum Tanya Cohen and AICP Board of Directors member Ulbrich will serve as EPs at the new company.

The Mothership site offers a variety of work from its roster. A promotional clip for the shop is below:

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