Dickies Shows Off Blue Collar Pants

By Jordan Teicher 

The construction man in the new Dickies spot produced by Seattle-based agency Creature is actually wearing a blue-collared shirt, a level of detail that could’ve been overlooked, especially in an ad for pants. We never see the man’s face, but we can assume he likes to wear Dickies khakis to the construction site and Real. Comfortable. Jeans. at home. He eats bacon and eggs for breakfast, probably has two kids and a young wife, and works hard every day. He’s undoubtedly American, might even wear stars and stripes boxers. If a time machine zapped him back to the 1950s, he wouldn’t skip a beat.

All of my assumptions are based on this 30-second spot, which uses quick cuts and sharp noises as fodder for a charmingly patriotic tone. The only word of dialogue, “Daddy,” is spoken when the construction man’s son jumps on his leg when he gets home from work. The ad is the much-subtler cousin to the Dodge Ram farmer commercial from the Super Bowl, selling the blue-collar image to the everyman, not just the everymen who live in red states. Credits after the jump.

Chief Creative Officer: Jim Haven

Creative Directors: Pam Fujimoto & Adam Bailey

Art Director: Nick Bruskewitz

Copywriter: Troy Burrows

Broadcast Production: Molly Woodruff

Account Directors: Amy Vroom, Jessica Lorenzen


Production Company: Farm League

Director: Chris Malloy

Executive Producer: Mike Pizzi

Editorial: Mark Paiva, Posterboy Edit

Music & Sound Design: John Buroker, HEARby