Dewar’s Scotch Opts for Muscular Pacifist with Violent Tendencies as Newest Spokesman

By Bob Marshall 

From Sid Lee NY comes this spot for Dewar’s Whiskey, featuring a hulk of a man who greatly resembles U.K. murderer and mass criminal Charles Bronson, even sporting Bronson’s trademark mustache. Perhaps it’s no coincidence then that director Isaiah Seret seems to borrow a lot of filming technique for this ad from the 2008 biopic Bronson, which starred actor Tom Hardy as the deranged but lovable psychopath.

Of course, it’s hard to advertise your brand of scotch as the choice of crazy violent people, so Sid Lee aims to give their “Drinking Man” character an incongruous tender side. Nothing drives the ladies crazy like a man who routinely pets doves between beating people to death in bare-knuckle boxing matches. While the spot goes very out of its way to portray the character’s tender side, it also discredits his believability. What, the man I’m supposed to admire chases people on bicycles and has a peace tattoo on his chest? It’s this sort of hypocritical hyperbole that made the  peace sign/”Born to kill” helmet-wearing protagonist of Full Metal Jacket a walking punchline.


As the sexy lady at the end argues, it’s “the most interesting blends that make for the strongest character.” So remember, if you want to appeal to your local tavern’s supermodel clientele, say one thing but do the other. Credits after the jump.

Agency: Sid Lee New York

Managing Partner: Lukas Derksen

Creative Director: Dan Chandler & Dan Brooks

Art Director: Jean Daniel Petit

Copywriter: Nicolas Paget

Account Director: May Aboubakar

Account Supervisor: Karim Tubbeh

TV Producer: Catherine Dumas

Art Buyer: Dana Klyszejko

Digital Producer: Oscar Pere

Director of Strategy: Sophie Ozoux

Social Strategy: Marissa de Miguel

Production Company: Pretty Bird

Director: Isaiah Seret

Executive Producer: Ali Brown

Director of Photography: Bridgitte Pugh

Music: Stimmung

Photographer: Mackenzie Duncan