Details on the Enfatico Fold-in; Boone to Stay, But High-level Reorgs to Come

By Matt Van Hoven 

Just to update you on the situation, as it stands the merger of Enfatico and Y&R is set to take place immediately. But what will that mean for employees in the agency’s largest office in Austin, the new office in Mangattan etc? Here’s what we know, according to sources familiar with the situation:

&#151 As stated, effective immediately, Y&R will absorb Enfatico.


&#151 We have confirmed that Enfatico has won its second piece of business (the first being Dell), Bedford, Mass.-based Progress Software.

&#151 The “worker bees” will likely not lost their jobs, but we can expect some high-level reorganzation.

&#151 Torrence Boone will continue on in some role with the Y&R brand. Details on what he will be doing have not yet been floated.

&#151 In an internal memo, Boone cited, “capability gaps” in Enfatico’s design.

&#151 The idea to fold Enfatico into Y&R was Enfatico’s idea.

&#151 Y&R helped during the initial transition period when the agency opened just over a year ago.

&#151 Though it’s too early to speculate about the fate of the Manhattan office Enfatico leased for the next 10 years, we imagine their legal team is working a deal to get out of that ASAP.

What’s important here is that the agency appears to have its employees in mind regarding this transition. The probability that some small portion of the staff will be let go is high, but as we stated previously they are likely to be higher-level folks.


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