Bad News Of The Day: Cuts To Come At Doner

By SuperSpy 

We hate reporting lay-offs, but it’s the nature of the job. The latest agency forced to cut staff is Doner – the largest independent in the US. The email below was sent to all employees from the laptop of Doner CEO, Alan Kalter:

“From: Alan Kalter
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 16:53:49 -0400
Subject: Keeping You Informed

You may have heard that we have begun making staff cuts. It saddens me to say that after months of layoffs by many well-regarded companies in our industry, it is now a painful reality that we can no longer avoid. In fact, because we are privately held we have been able to withhold cutbacks for far longer than our agency peers despite recent account losses and industry-wide budget pressures.

However, we have been monitoring the advertising and general business outlook for signs of when we can expect a recovery. What we’re seeing is not a recovery but a total reset. Compound that with the fact that job cuts are a lagging economic indicator, we realize that we have to make difficult choices now to weather these unpredictable times. We are working as carefully as possible to strike that delicate balance of agility and strength to transition to the yet-to-arrive new “normal.” We anticipate cuts to fall across all departments.

Our clients continue to look to us for innovative thinking, distinctive creative, and flawless execution. Especially right now. Thank you for your commitment, energy, and focus in delivering all that for our clients in ways that continue to exceed their expectations. It is deeply appreciated.”

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