Dessert Chef Takes Harley-Davidson on a Magical Bee-Filled Adventure

By Bob Marshall 

In a new digital campaign from New York agency Campfire, chef David Guas takes his Harley on a ride through the untamed wilderness as he shows us how to make dessert…the manly way.

You see, those who spend their time on smiling away on The Food Network are taking the easy way out. If you ask Guas, the secret ingredient for creating the perfect “Campfire, Cast Iron Cornbread” (besides love) is finding the perfect balance of motorcycle and nature. Guas does by visiting a beekeeper, examining and playing with bees for a few minutes, and then starting a small fire near the side of the road.

“Beyond the Beehive” is part of “The Ridebook,” a series of beautifully shot videos where minor celebs curate two-wheeled journeys throughout the country in the spirit of Easy Rider. Take “The Prohibition Tour” with SouthGang/Marvelous 3 frontman Butch Walker here, and compare these videos to last year’s Harley-Davidson spot from Victor’s and Spoils in which bikers free puppies for some reason.