Deathly Doritos Super Bowl Ad Brings Prodco to Life

By Kiran Aditham 

All it basically took was a friend’s unusual anecdote to inspire the creation of L.A.-based production company Boy & Rocket. Kevin T. Willson, the director of the Doritos Super Bowl ad dubbed “Casket”, says he was inspired by a friend whose relative requested that he be buried with a beer in his hand and a pack of cigarettes in his jacket. AdAge reports that the spot was the #1 most recalled according to Nielsen IAG and placed 14th in a USA Today poll.

Now, Willson and partner Erwin McManus have launched a spin-off of the latter’s design firm McManus Studios that they say is “committed to the art of story-telling through the medium of commercials captivating audiences with stories that entertain and inspire.”

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