Video: There’s a Map for That (Guy)

By Matt Van Hoven 

Some guy built a blue AT&T map, attached it to a helmet, and went to a bunch of Nashville stores wearing the apparatus. What follows is an interesting look at how McCann Erickson’s branding methods have done: very well. Also, it sucks to be AT&T if people are doing this kind of thing of their own volition.

First thing, we contacted McCann to see if this was their doing (or Verizon’s). Said a rep: “This video has nothing to do with McCann Erickson in any way, shape or form. Nor Verizon.” Fine. It’s from a guy called Phillip.


After strutting into an AT&T wearing the helmet (above), he’s welcomed by a few chuckles. Ultimately the staff is helpful, and he leaves. Note: he pretends he’s not wearing anything. Though not particularly funny, the 7+ minute clip informs exactly how pedestrians feel about AT&T and Verizon. Also, just after the 4-minute mark someone asks him if he works for AT&T but before Phillip answers the audio jumps ahead. Dramz!

Somewhere in that cut, the passerby seems to acknowledge that Phillip is an AT&T customer.

Phillip: How’d you know I had AT&T? Just cuz I didn’t know where I was?

Passerby: You got your map.

Phillip: Yeah, it feels like I got a map following me around sometimes. It’s really weird.

There are other encounters like this where various people of varying ages (seemingly) waltz right up to the guy and understand right away that the blue map over his head means he’s an AT&T customer. And that’s the only takeaway: when your brand goes up against another brand, don’t lose, or people will remember. And in Nashville, where this thing apparently went down, Verizon (well, McCann Erickson) seems to have done their job. Clip after the jump.

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