DDB & Tribal Worldwide Amsterdam Launches Stop-Motion Flight Safety Video for KLM

By Erik Oster 

DDB & Tribal Worldwide Amsterdam launched a visually intriguing new flight safety video for KLM, which took quite the laborious process to create.

For the video, DDB & Tribal Worldwide Amsterdam created over 1,000 hand-drawn Delft blue tiles, which were then brought to life with stop-motion animation. In a marriage of form and function, the approach highlights KLM’s attention to detail. “We care about every little detail of your flight safety,” says a flight attendant near the conclusion of the spot, while walking through a room containing the tiles. Eye-catching flight safety videos, of course, aren’t anything new, but it’s refreshing to see one that doesn’t rely on borrowed interest and is this well suited for its brand.

The flight safety video will screen during all intercontinental flights beginning November 1. DDB & Tribal Worldwide Amsterdam also created a “making of” video, documenting the labor-intensive process.

“It might seem illogical to first make a digital animation and then print out all the frames of this animation, just so can make the same animation again manually, tile by tile,” said DDB & Tribal Worldwide Amsterdam copywriter Stef Jongenelen. “But it perfectly illustrates the attention and amount of detail KLM observes for an important subject such as flight safety.”


Client: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Agency: DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Production company: Re:branded
Animation: Pedri
Music: Massive Music
Sound: LAB-3