adam&eveDDB, Tribal Amsterdam Take a Seat in a Brand New Volkswagen

By Erik Oster 

DDB & Tribal Amsterdam launched a new spot for Volkswagen promoting the new Volkswagen Passat entitled “Sit.”

The 30-second spot focuses on a large dog who seems to enjoy sitting like a human in a variety of places, including a park bench and baby stroller. When his family piles into their new Passat, gesturing for him to jump in the trunk, he has other plans.

“Sit” concludes with the tagline, “A new Volskwagen. Who wouldn’t want to sit in one?” followed by “Especially in the new Passat with its innovative extras.” The lighthearted spot focuses on the widespread appeal of its lovable but disobedient canine star, while vaguely referencing the vehicle’s comfort and extra features.
“In a typically Volkswagen way, this ad shows how everyone – human or animal – enjoys their Volkswagen,” DDB & Tribal Amsterdam co-CEO Ivo Roefs said in a statement. 

“Sit” arrives as six Volkswagen executives are facing charges for their role in the emissions test scamming scandal and the company negotiates the final details of its $4 billion-plus settlement with the U.S. government.

Like adam&eveDDB’s nostalgia-stoking spot this past November, the effort seeks to steer the conversation away from such matters through an ad with widespread appeal. They might want to avoid asking a questions such as “A new Volskwagen. Who wouldn’t want to sit in one?” however, as one answer is “Anyone that cares about the company’s history of intentionally cheating emissions tests.”