Y&R Austin Wins Reliant Energy After a Review

By Patrick Coffee 

Today in Not Really Matthew McConaughey news, Houston-based Reliant Energy picked the Austin offices of Y&R as its new creative agency of record after a review.

Reliant’s last review went down in 2009, after it was acquired by the massive energy (read: oil and gas) conglomerate NRG, which also has offices in Houston and New Jersey. Grey San Francisco won that one to pick up a piece of business that was worth about $25 million at the time.

In 2013, the agency released a campaign directed by David LaChappelle of fashion fame with voiceovers by the Lincoln spokesman who allegedly doubles as the industry’s highest-paid “creative director.”

A statement from Y&R Austin managing director of client service Jennifer Wilson reads, “We are thrilled for this opportunity to work with Reliant – one of the  most innovative and exciting energy companies in Texas.”

Reliant president said the WPP won by demonstrating “the strategy and creative chops to bring us into new product markets and categories, while staying true to our core business.”

It’s not clear whether McConaughey will return as VO man. But he might just be able to find some time between cases of Wild Turkey.