DDB Paris Makes Children Cry for Doctors of the World

By Erik Oster 

DDB Paris launched a campaign for NGO Doctors of the World calling on viewers to “Make A Child Cry.”

That may sound pretty awful, but the tagline refers to the fact that children often cry during routine medical procedures needed to stay healthy, like vaccinations and blood tests. Since, according to text near the conclusion of the 30-second broadcast spot “One child dies every 7 seconds due to lack of medical care,” pediatricians everywhere are actually doing a world of good by setting off the waterworks. The spot opens on shots of several children crying, followed by the message “Make a child cry.” It’s an approach designed to shock viewers into paying attention, since a more straightforward call for help would be easier to ignore. Shortly after the text, the camera pans out to reveal the source of the children’s tears: medical professionals administering vaccinations and other procedures that can be painful for kids.

The ad, which made its online debut earlier in the week, will run on broadcast in France, Germany, Canada, Spain, Argentina, Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland and the U.K. It is supported by print and social components, the latter based around the #MakeAChildCry hashtag. We’ve included an example of the print campaign below.



Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director : Alexander Kalchev
Creatives: Gautier Fage, S├ębastien Henras, Julien Bon, Benoit Oulhen
TV Producer & Achat d’Art: Marine Rolland
Sound: Studio 5
Digital Producer: Alice Kraft
Account Management: Matthieu de Lesseux, Marine Hakim, Sophie Colus
PR: Anne-Marie Gibert
Director / Photographer: Achim Lippoth
Production company: Magali Films