DDB NY Welcomes Hipsters, Dogwalkers to Lottery Fold

By Kiran Aditham 

Another month, another New York Lottery game and therefore, a DDB NY campaign to support it. This time around, the agency has unveiled a pair of online spots to hype the new Bejeweled Scratch Off game. And what better way to entice folks to hit the bodegas and play the game than, uh, hipsters and dogwalkers, true cornerstones of NYC culture. Along with the beard & animal-heavy online promos, there is a “second chance” sweepstakes to be had, which you can learn more about in a :40 clip after the jump. While this is a rather quick and painless exercise in lottery promotion, we still miss the bumpin’ and grindin’ presidents and zombies that reigned supreme in past DDB NY efforts for the brand.


Credits follow as well.


Chief Creative Officer: Matt Eastwood

Group Creative Director: Rich Sharp

Group Creative Director: Mike Sullivan

Executive Creative Director: Joe Cianciotto

Art Director: Amanda Millwee

Copywriter: Bobby Finger

Executive Producer: Walter Brindak

Director: David Gaddie

Prod. Comp: The Colony

Editor: Bryan Wetzel