DDB NY Celebrates Canine Longevity for Eukanuba

By Erik Oster 

DDB New York celebrates canine longevity for Eukanuba with a new campaign documenting a long life study done with a band of Labradors.

While Labradors typically live to the age of 12, several of the dogs in the study lived past 16. In the full-length, online version of the ad, viewers are introduced to these dogs: “relentless fetcher” Iowa, “water-lover” Utah, Georgia, Bunny and Clown. Eukanuba claims each of the dogs is “living an exceptionally long life and still full of vitality” and that certainly seems to be the case. The implication, of course, is that the dogs owe their longevity and good health (at least in part) to their diet of Eukanuba. A 30-second versions of the spot will run on broadcast, while supporting online spots go more in depth into the lives of the dogs highlighted and “What The Experts Say” about the study. Updated packaging and a redesigned website round out the integrated campaign.


Agency: DDB New York
Chief Creative Officer: Icaro Doria
ECD: Janet Guillet
Creative Director/AD: John McGill
Creative Director/CW: Luke Carmody
Head of Broadcast Production: Ed Zazzera
Producer: Tiffany Campbell
Director: Iain Mackenzie
Prod. Comp: Paydirt Pictures
Editor: Fluid
Music: Stock