David Eastman Gets An Even Bigger Gig For Some Reason

By SuperSpy 

So, not everyone is on a hiring freeze. David Eastman has been named the Worldwide Digital Director of JWT. This is a new role in which Eastman will be responsible for the strategic oversight and management of the digital across all of JWT and its subsidiaries. Eastman has pulled a stint at Agency.com as President & Worldwide Chief Executive since 2006.

Ha- ha! The press release want you to know that while he was there, Agency.com “achieved considerable success.” Um. Eastman was the guy who had to move aside to let the original founder, Chan Suh, step in to try and right the agency. Eastman was bumped up stairs, while Chan battled it out on the ground floor. Eastman was then fully transplanted to Zulu as CEO. Then Omnicom closed Zulu, which became The Republic Family. And now, he’s the prez of JWT Digital. Okay. Sure.

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