Cycling Canada Wants You to ‘Hop On’

By Erik Oster 

Innocean Worldwide Canada teamed up with Sons and Daughters director Mark Zibert, VFX house Alter Ego and Saints Editorial to create the 60-second spot “Hop On” for cycling Canada.

“Hop On” shows a series of bikes in various scenarios, without riders. As they zoom around tracks, down country roads, or over mountainsides, the pace and music crescendo. More bikes join the caravan as the spot concludes, encouraging riders to “hop on” for a bicycling adventure of their own. It’s a simple idea, executed well, and it makes for an visually interesting way to promote cycling in Canada. The spot is part of a larger campaign that “aims to position the organization as the heart of cycling in Canada.” It’s supported by print and social media elements, as well as a campaign microsite. Alter Ego also provided a making of video for the spot (featured below), if you’re curious how they pulled it off.


Client: Cycling Canada
Agency: Innocean Worldwide Canada

Production Company: Sons and Daughters
Director, Director of Photography: Mark Zibert
Executive Producer: Dan Ford
Producer: Neil Bartley

Editing: Saints Editorial
Editor: Mark Paiva
Assistant Editor: Red Barbaza
Executive Producers: Michelle Rich, Stephanie Hickman

Postproduction, Design, Visual Effects: Alter Ego
Visual Effects Supervisor: Andres Kirejew
Visual Effects: Darren Achim, Steve McGregor, Andrew Thiessen
Computer Graphics Lead: Sebastian Bilbao
Animation: Eileen Peng, Edward Deng, Rob Fisher, Brandon Fernback
Producer: Caitlin Schooley
Executive Producers: Cheyenne Bloomfield, Greg Edgar
Color Grading: Alter Ego
Colorists: Wade Odlum, Eric Whipp, Clinton Homuth

Music, Sound: RMW Music
Producer, Music Composer: Mark Rajaković
Sound Design: Kyle Gudmundson
Associate Producer: Kristina Loschiavo
Executive Producer: Jeff Cohen
Media Services: Sebastian Biega, Chris Masson