180LA Gets Creepy for Boost Mobile

By Erik Oster 

180 LA takes a creepy approach with its “Come To Data” campaign for Boost Moble, which promotes the provider’s unlimited data program.

The suggestively-titled campaign features two 60-second spots in which individuals battle, and ultimately give in to, their cell phone-loving ids when they use their smart phones in inappropriate situations.


In “Bathroom Dilemma,” a man at a urinal fights the urge to use his cellphone while taking a leak, and ultimately loses. The voice in his head, which is unsettling, ultimately convinces him to whip the device out by appealing to his love of man-baby memes. A Vine supporting the campaign takes the idea a step further, with a man playing a dice game on his cell phone while in the loo, which could be confused for an activity far more inappropriate for a public restroom. The second spot, “The Priest,” features a holy man tempted into streaming a horse race in the confessional booth.

A host of Vines and short videos support the effort, all following the theme of inappropriate cell phone use.


Client: Boost Mobile
Director, Sprint Prepaid Group: Peiti Feng
Manger of Brand Advertising and Creative, Wally Fox
Brand Manager, Social Media and Brand Integration, Jill Johnson
Advertising Manager, Mario Cardenas
Social Media and Brand Integration, Bre Cohen

Campaign: Come To Data

Agency: 180LA
Managing Partner, CCO: William Gelner
Creative Directors: Mike Bokman and Jason Rappaport
Copywriter: Chris Elzinga / Daniel Chen
Art Director: Marcus Cross / Jenny Kang
Head of Account Management: Chad Bettor
Associate Account Director: Paul Kinsella
Social Media Account Manager: Olivia Watson
Head of Production: Natasha Wellesley
Senior Producer: Lindsey Wood
Associate Producer: Lauren Prushan
Business Affairs Manager: Ivy Chen

Production Co: Treefort
Director: Shillick
Producer: Mike Begovich
DP: Max Gutierrez

Editorial Company: Treefort (Web Films) / Melvin (Vines)
Editor: Josh Hegard (Web Films) / Dave Groseclose (Vines)
Color/ Online Finishing: Sam Maliszewski / Melvin
Sound Design / Mix: Eddie Kim / Therapy