Cutwater Brings Intel to the Coffee Shop

By Erik Oster 

Agency Cutwater teamed up with production company Cap Gun Collective for a series of comedic shorts promoting Intel’s Chromebook.

Set in a coffee shop, the shorts are based around the premise of computer problems happening in the real world. Unfortunately, the scenarios presented seem a little bit dated. In “Monotaskers,” for example, a woman at a coffee shop won’t let a man do more than one thing at a time, taking his book while he sips his coffee. “Frozen Coffee” presents a glitchy barista, which is funny in a way, but also seems removed from the current technological climate (as is the case with “Monotaskers”). Since, at the end of these spots, Intel’s Chromebook is presented as the solution, it’s as if Intel’s competition is presented as computers from the previous decade, rather than modern competitors. That doesn’t do a whole lot to represent the Chromebook in a good light, and leaves viewers with little reason to pick it up over its real-world competition.



Client: Intel Corporation

Agency: Cutwater
Creative Director: Jason Elm
Art Director: Turner Johnson
Copywriter: Karl Keily
Executive Producer: Daniel Tuggle
Group Account Director: Christian Navarro

Production Company: Cap Gun Collective
Director: Matt Miller
Director of Photography: Darryl Miller
Executive Producer: Matt Abramson
Producer: PJ Fishwick

Post-Production Company: Whitehouse Post
Executive Producer: Joni Williamson
Editor: Keith Hamm
Post Producer: Kristin Brandstetter
Finishing: Carbon
Executive Producer: Marlo Baird Kinsey

Music Company: Asche and Spencer

Sound Design/Final Mix Company: MSquared
Audio Engineer: Mark Pitchford