Cutwater Brings a Musical Harvest Snaps Experience to TikTok Users

By Nandika Chatterjee 

Cutwater, an indie agency that recently became the digital creative AOR for snack brand Harvest Snaps, is kicking off the partnership with a TikTok experience. The music-inspired campaign is designed to appeal to college students in the U.S. starting this fall.

College students comprise a market of conscientious spenders who are constantly on the lookout for the next new health craze, which is where “Snap Sounds comes in. It allows younger audiences that are frequent users of social media to experience the snack before even having tried it.

“Snap Sounds,” found on the brand’s TikTok channel and through the #SnapSounds hashtag, invites audiences to create their own music to the veggie snacks’ distinctive crunch via head movements. The various motions trigger six specific beats that mimic the sounds Harvest Snaps’ packaging and products produce. 


As is common on TikTok, the branded effect allows users to duet content and spread their reactions to the experience. 

“Users can jam by themselves and with friends. Vocals, instruments, dance choreography, anything goes. The beauty of the beats is that they create an own-able sonic identity for Harvest Snaps that wasn’t there before,” said Adam Vohlidka, Cutwater Group creative director, in a statement.

In addition to TikTok, another way to access the playful veggie snacks’ experience is by scanning the QR code that can be found on the brand’s newly launched Mixed Snack Pack. An offering to further serve their target audience is six, single-serve bags featuring three flavors.

“This activation presents a unique opportunity for Harvest Snaps to attract and engage with a younger and relevant target audience of Gen Z college students,” said Sandra Payer, Calbee America’s (parent company of Harvest Snaps) head of marketing said in a statement, adding that college students are interested in both the better-for-you food genre and sharing it with others.