Critical Mass Offers Trump Haters an Escape: Move to Canada!

By Patrick Coffee 

To the surprise of absolutely no one, ad agencies aren’t done using Donald Trump and the political unrest surrounding his candidacy to get attention…kind of like media outlets and brands and random people who absolutely do NOT deserve to be on CNN at any time, ever.

Critical Mass scored coverage in the New York Freaking Times today for a stunt in which it encourages Drumpf haters to escape his barely literate wrath by moving to Canada to work for their agency. The site encourages agency pros to “Make Canada Even Greater” by applying to work at Critical Mass Calgary and/or Toronto.

Why? Glad you asked!


The site tells us that “digital gurus, creative innovators, free thinkers, ex-pats, proto-Canucks or wall-dodgers” who might happen to be a little upset over the rise of a certain pseudo-fascist dickhead should consider moving up that way because Canada is large. Also, natives of the Great White North like to use axes to chop things up. And many of them speak both French and English, d’ya know?

CEO Dianne Wilkins told Sydney Ember of the Times, “We’re in a unique place to comment on and participate in this public half-comedy, half-serious discussion that’s going on out there.”

The NYT piece notes that the stunt–which has increased traffic to Critical Mass’s jobs site by some 2,300 percent–might risk inflaming the passions of good old red-blooded Americans like the 78-year-old guy who chose to sucker punch a protester at a Donald rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Wednesday night and subsequently got charged with assault.

And yet, while the “homepage” does include a nice pic of ubersexual Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it does not include even one instance of the word “Trump.”

Go figure, eh? (We hear Canadians are also very fond of beer.)