Crispin Porter’s Whopper Whoppers

By SuperSpy 

Look, folks. That Whopper Virgins thing? You gotta stop sending it to us. We think it’s very eww and gross. Ugh. Lets spread poor dietary habits, massive calorie intake and rampant consumerism to the far reaches of the globe via an online campaign called Whopper Virgins. Yum. Norman Douglas said that: “You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements.” What does this campaign say about the United States?

How tasteless is Burger King, CP+B and America going to be? Oh, pretty fricking tasteless. Check the video above with the faux documentary vibe and authoritative voice over. Sure, lets mock the idea of exploring into untainted cultures. And sure, the blogosphere is on fire with condemnation for the taste test (Big Mac Vs The Whopper). And sure, that’s a lot of free media, but um… for all of those people who believe all press is good press? Think again. In today’s Obama/green/new feminist/Michael Pollan age – getting reamed for pushing fast food on remote populations of the earth ain’t a good thing. No sir. It is not.


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